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CHARM (Compact Hydrocarbon Allocation Reference Model) is a simple, fast and costeffective process simulation software package which models hydrocarbon behaviour specifically for hydrocarbon allocation purposes. Developed with Robert Gordon University’s Smart Data Technology Team via the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, CHARM has been tailored to meet an industry need for cost-effective, usable and practical hydrocarbon modelling software.


CHARM performs quick and efficient calculations to determine how hydrocarbons partition into liquids and gas as they pass through a process facility. By also using a cloned-component approach, it is also possible to accurately track different field’s hydrocarbons through a combined system.


CHARM offers the same accuracy as comprehensive process simulation packages but can be readily integrated with existing in-house software and third-party products using a variety of supported deployment options covering both local installation and hosted web service.


CHARM focusses purely on the calculations needed for hydrocarbon allocation to give speedy, robust and repeatable results that are both transparent and auditable.


CHARM users can check, develop and maintain their process model without requiring specialist process simulation product knowledge. The allocation results mirror real process and operational changes and can be easily extended to cover additional methods and calculations.


CHARM is future-proof and follows industry standards. It has easily-maintained XMLbased interfaces to ensure ongoing compatibility with existing and future hydrocarbon allocation systems.

Advantages of Charm

CHARM uses specific algorithms that focus on solving molar balances rather than an expansive set of matrix equations

as other commercial process simulation software

new streams, calculations and components can easily be added

with hydrocarbon allocation software

kept separate throughout the process simulation

of streams, calculations and components

because you only pay for simulation calculations you actually need

since CHARM only performs the required subset of calculations

Same accuracy

Improved robustness


Input streams

Cost effective

Easy integration

Simple configuration

Faster calculations

Explore CHARM

On this website you can learn more about CHARM, try the online demo version and download the Excel demo version. If you would like to know more, please contact us:

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